Tea Party Takeover in Algonquin Township

Corruption and politics seem to go hand in hand while voters lament the lack of credible candidates. The vetting process on a party level is supposed to help weed out people who may not be in the best position to set up and serve. That process fails when big money gets involved to help mislead voters. The quality of candidates backed by big money in the Algonquin Township races should come as no surprise as they are pledged to deliver on policies that benefit few working families.

In the 2017 Spring Republican primary race, Liberty PAC backed Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner candidate, Andrew Gasser over incumbent Republican Robert Miller despite Gasser having no qualifications for the role. Gasser, a Tea Party favorite and chair of the Tea Party in Space group, has several foreclosures and a failed business and does not own property in the county, currently serves as a District 1 County Board representative and can often be seen pacing about the dais and storming out of county board meetings.

Gasser, despite being a local party leader, is backing another Tea Party favorite, Rachael Lawrence, who also has a questionable legal past with multiple felony DUI and assault charges for striking an officer as well as an order of protection filed against her. Lawrence insists all charges were dropped yet the criminal case files are publically available under her maiden name, Guest, “…If you prefer to focus on decades old dismissed charges, that’s your prerogative,” she wrote in an attempt to explain her past.

Even school board races feature candidates of similar caliber. One such race is the D155 district race where hopeful candidates are vying for a seat to help shape the future of a nationally recognized high-performing school district. In this race, two Tea Party candidates stand out: Donna Kurtz, and Scott Vetter.

Donna Kurtz hopes to be elected to the same board where her mother, Rosemary, currently serves. It is difficult to pin her down on the issues after she advocated for outsourcing in one public forum and just the opposite in another. Kurtz has pledged to vacate her current county board seat if elected to the D155 school board in a grand effort to cut the school budget.

Vetter is married to a charter school teacher and would benefit from Education Secretary DeVos’ push for school voucher funding, but his campaign literature clearly paints such teacher relationships within families as a negative for his opponents. As a candidate, Vetter has openly advocated for outsourcing more of our school services, citing the D155 budget posted online for school bus services, “There are 30 listed ways of outsource that we only use 2 of,” he wrote.

Last year Vetter also wrote a threatening manifesto to the local Democratic party which roused

Vetters post
D155 Candidate Scott Vetter penned an alarming post the Democratic leadership took as a threat and reported to police.

concerns and prompted officials to report the incident to police. “Protestors? Political activists? No! Say it! Saaaaaaaaay it! These cowards, these animals, waiting outside the TRUMP rallies are nothing but TERRORISTS”, Vetter wrote and said that, “…You are either PART OF THE SOLUTION or PART OF THE PROBLEM. Continue to IGNORE THE PROBLEM and you will sadly end up SUFFERING THE SOLUTION…”

The goal for local Tea Party members seems to be efficiency in pandering to a negative stereotype for Illinois politics. Rather than take a risk of having to wait for elected officials to become corrupt in office, they are opting to forward corrupt candidates who are already well on their way. The influx of cash to support these candidates county-wide doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

Editor’s Note:  Rachael Lawrence contacted GPI late Monday to state that she is not now and has never been, a member of, or affiliated with, the Tea Party.  Mrs. Lawrence also stated that she has always been forthright about her sole 2005 misdemeanor conviction and stated that she “has maintained a spotless record for over a decade.  Mrs. Lawrence is a candidate for the office of Algonquin Township Trustee.  Her website is [www.RLforIL.com and Facebook page is www.facebook.com/RachaelforIL].

5 Replies to “Tea Party Takeover in Algonquin Township”

  1. If even some of these concerns are accurate, none of these people should be allowed anywhere near an elected position and I would suggest concerned citizens put together a committee and get a petition going to keep them off the ballot, or to gain votes for a positive candidate. People who behave the way this article portrays these candidates is internally out of control and it manifests itself in the anger, violence and impatience described in this article. No government needs people who display those behaviors in any elected office.

  2. Some time ago, after skyping with a German friend of mine that I met while in the Navy 30 years ago, I posted, what some believe to be a very incendiary post. It was an angry post, yes, as my good Christian friends house was being attacked by 12-15 radical muslim immigrants who were vandalizing his house and yard because they had a cross in their garden. This cross had been in Armand’s family for 300 years. It was destroyed. Threats to his wife and daughters were made.

    At the time that I made the post, the Left was on an all out tiraid against anyone using the words, “radical Muslim” or “vetting” or “Building a wall.”

    I believe in protecting my family and my community. By ignoring what is happening around the world and by inviting the same here, I believe we are walking down a dangerous path that might put me into that scarey position, some day of protecting my family.

    I was told by many of my mentors, over the years, that “If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.” That is a strong statement and is very profound in my life.

    So, by not being at least open minded to the solutions at hand, I believe, we are asking to be part of the problem. This has not gone away. All we need to do is look at London and Maryland, just in this week. We must decide what actions, correct and fair, that we are going to take, as a nation, or Paris and London are coming to a town near us soon.

    So, as I will not, and can not apologize for my strong love and committment to my family, community and country, I will apologize for not being less crude and incidiary with my words. For not presenting my anger and fear as a defense intead of it coming off as a threat.

    My years in the Navy, seeing other countries and their struggles, has made me a better American, a proud and thankful American, and the recent world and its turmoils, have me quite concerned for my family and community.

    To anyone who felt threatened by my post, I sincerely apologize. I was using my anger and my fears to present my thoughts, and that was wrong. We, as a community, must be strong and united 🇺🇸 for our families and friends. I understand that this is more important than “getting my point across”.

    Thank you to all who have sat with me and discussed this. Thank you to my great immigrant co-workers who read my post and helped me understand.

    1. Mr. Vetter, If you are referring to the threat that you made to local Democratic leadership posted in our story above, there is nothing in your tirade that discusses friends in Germany, etc. However, if you have any proof of your friend’s persecution by “12-15 radical muslims” we’d be happy to publish it here. Surely an event of that magnitude was reported by the local press.

  3. My wife works at Resurrection University. A private Catholic University. It is not a Charter school. I AM NOT in favor of Charter schools.

    I am also not a Tea Party member. I am an Idependent now, because I do not agree with everything from all sides. I dont even identify as a fiscal conservative anymore. I see myself as more of an open minded moderate.

    I have a long road ahead, to pave my own path. No matter the outcome of this election or what people say or believe about me, will deter me from showing that I can and do want to help. Thank ypu all for “checking” me.

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