McHenry County Grand Jury Investigating Algonquin Township


GPI has learned that a McHenry County Grand Jury has issued at least one subpoena that was served on Algonquin Township or it’s Highway Department, sometime before July 1st of this year.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally declined to comment either way on whether or not an investigation of the Township is pending or has been conducted.  He did acknowledge that there has not been an extraordinary grand jury empanelled.

In addition, the Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor was inadvertently brought into the matter when a FOIA request was filed asking for subpoenas served on the Township.  The township denied the FOIA and the requester appealed the denial to the Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor.  The Attorney General’s office acknowledged their Public Access Counselor’s involvement and stated that the Counselor’s review of the matter is ongoing.  Shortly after the Attorney General’s office got involved, the State’s Attorney’s office moved for an order sealing the file.

The focus of the investigation has not been disclosed but on June 1st of this year, current Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser sued former Highway Commissioner Robert Miller, Miller’s wife Anna May Miller and new Township Clerk Karen Lukasik claiming, among other things, that Lukasik threatened to destroy Township documents.  Lukasik counter-sued claiming that Gasser and Lutzow had improperly taken possession of township documents from the Township offices, depriving her of control of the documents that is mandated by Illinois law.

On July 14th Judge Michael Caldwell rejected Gasser’s claims and sided with Lukasik, ordering Gasser and Lutzow to stop withholding documents from Lukasik, provide Lukasik with access to any area where documents were being stored, turn over all documents not easily accessible to Lukasik and that Lukasik be given a storage area for all documents under her control to which only she and people designated by her would have access.

In addition, on May 12th and 13th of this year, then Algonquin Township Clerk Charles Lutzow and his assistant Ryan Provenzano, son of former McHenry County Board member Nicholas Provenzano, were seen removing papers and other materials from the Township offices and throwing them in a dumpster on the Township property.

Charles Lutzow declined to comment for this story.  To date, there is no indication that either of the Millers has been subpoenaed by the grand jury.


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