McHenry County Progressives Take on Milk Days Parade with Single Payer

By Kerri Barber

Members of the McHenry County Progressives group marched in the annual Milk Days Parade on Saturday with the goal of bringing awareness to Single Payer/Medicare for All as a viable option to replace both the ACA (Obamace) and AHCA (Trumpcare).

Volunteers from around the area met in Harvard, IL to put the final touches on their parade float, an older model station wagon decorated to look like an ambulance, complete with band-aid slogans. Parade participants dressed in scrubs and medical gowns while holding signs and handing out leaflets about the program.

The Single Payer/Medicare for All advocates call for reducing the enrollment age for Medicare to zero, allowing all citizens to be covered under Part A and Part B plans for basic access to health care. Individuals could then purchase additional coverage from the traditional letter plans if they chose to do so. Proponents argue it could reduce costs for consumers significantly and eliminate the rising cost issues of health care that result in medical bankruptcies and other hardships.

“I was pretty surprised by the great reception we got. People cheered us or wanted to know more literally reaching out a hand, asking for information.” Peter Janko, the event organizer observed. “It was really very encouraging and we hope to do more of these events.”

Janko has created a Facebook group to help answer questions from local residents and continue the mission of creating awareness of the proposed program. For more information, see the Facebook page at:


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