Gasser Suffers Humiliating Defeat In Case Against Lukasik and Miller

By: Nancy Zettler

Woodstock, IL – Andrew Gasser suffered a catastrophic defeat in McHenry County Circuit Court yesterday when Judge Michael Caldwell entered an order enjoining Gasser and Algonquin Township Supervisor, Chuck Lutzow, from withholding documents from Algonquin Township Clerk, Karen Lukasik, the very person Gasser was accusing of hiding and threatening to destroy documents.

Gasser, by way of his lawyer, Robert Hanlon, a campaign contributor of Gasser’s who Gasser awarded a $400 per hour contract to without putting the contract out to bid, originally filed suit against Lukasik accusing her of withholding documents from Gasser and threatening to destroy documents that Gasser claims were proof that former Highway Commissioner Robert Miller misused township funds; accusations that Lukasik vehemently denies.

Today Judge Caldwell sided with Lukasik and against Gasser rejecting Gasser’s unfounded accusations against Lukasik. In addition to ordering that Gasser and Lutzow stop withholding documents from Lukasik, he also ordered that they provide her with access to any area where documents are being stored, that they turn over all documents not easily accessible to Lukasik and that Lukasik be given a storage area for all documents under her control to which only she and people designated by her have access.

Judge Caldwell’s Order is a complete rejection of Gasser’s claims against Lukasik and a very expensive loss for Algonquin Township taxpayers that resulted from Gasser and Hanlon’s callous disregard for the reputation of a woman who stepped up to serve her community. Andrew Gasser owes Karen Lukasik and the taxpayers of Algonquin Township a very public apology.

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