Gasser Posts a Not-so-veiled Threat Against “Republicans”

Opinion by Nancy Zettler

Gasser posts a not-so-veiled threat against “Republicans”gasser threatens republicans

The war for control of McHenry County conservative politics was just elevated to a new level by recently installed Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser.  Some “Republicans” apparently got under Andrew’s skin because on June 16th the Tea Party darling threw down the following gauntlet on one of his many Facebook pages:

“To all of you “Republicans” defending the indefensible …. let me ask you this: What happens when I’m “cleared hot” to start fighting this war in the court of public opinion after the war in the court of law is won?

I know who is saying what and I am going to do to you exactly what you have done to me except I will do it much better.  Good night McHenry County GOP.”

When it comes to Gasser it’s always hard to know exactly what sets him off; but since becoming Highway Commissioner, he’s been taking a lot of well-deserved heat from all sides of Algonquin Township for wasting taxpayer dollars on witch hunts against actual Republicans like Township favorite Bob Miller or new Township Clerk Karen Lukasik; firing innocent employees without cause, and for trying to hand a $20,000 retainer to one of his campaign contributors.

Who knows what Gasser is referring to in his warning or what exactly he means by being “cleared hot”, and only time will tell if this threat includes one or more of his angry video rants or something worse.  But given that in his first month in office he’s already unnecessarily involved the Township in not one but two, unwinnable legal actions that will most definitely cost Algonquin Township taxpayers a whole lot of money, he better not cut too many ties because he’s going to need all of the friends that he can get and because a lot of people are going to be saying a lot of things about Andrew that he’s not going to like.

3 Replies to “Gasser Posts a Not-so-veiled Threat Against “Republicans””

  1. Cleared hot is military term. A pilot must be cleared hot by someone on the ground to arm and unleash weapons in close air support. I guess we’ll all await the metaphorical bombs he’s prepared to drop.

  2. That doesn’t seem like it’s township business. It would be fantastic if our elected would concentrate on doing their jobs, and not spend so much time on revenge.
    After all, it would be counter-productive for us regular employees to act like this in our workplaces, and in fact would probably get us fired
    Take the high road and do your work, sir.

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