AHCA is Morally Depraved

By Jeannie Cormier Scown

The citizen concerns of the H.R.277 – American Health Care Reform Act of 2017 (AHCA) include a myriad of ethical and moral matters, NOT political issues. The house voted 217-213 with Republican only voting to pass the legislation. The AHCA as passed:

  1. Takes healthcare away from 24,000,000 people
  2. Raises deductibles by an average of $1500 per person
  3. Removes “federal” protection for preexisting conditions (leaving it up to the states)
  4. Pre-Medicare adults 50 or older will end up paying up to750% higher premiums
  5. Cuts $800 billion from Medicaid for the most vulnerable of our citizens
  6. Puts lifetime and annual caps on benefits back on the table
  7. Allows insurance companies to charge women more for healthcare then men
  8. Defunds Planned Parenthood clinics, which harm the most vulnerable
  9. Removes special education funds for schools for children with disabilities

Why do I contend that the concerns of these cuts in our healthcare insurance are moral rather than political?  This is because $600 billion that these cuts provide go directly to replace lost revenue created by tax cuts given to the very rich (those making more than $250K a year).

The idea that the ACA is “broken” does not fly, if you study the ACT.  It has been regularly defunded by the Republican congress members over the years, and that same congress would not allow proposed fixes to the bill to go through.  The truth has not been told.

Why do I suggest this is a, “moral and ethical,” issue?  Each of the above 9 points harms people who make less than the congress members who voted for it.  Each point above marginalizes or possibly causes harm to the very citizens these congress members have been elected to represent.

A young man came to our AHCA awareness rally on Tuesday because his mom was just diagnosed with cancer and he was there trying to save her insurance so that she could get cured.  What good did it do for his mother, being there with us when the representative told the newspapers, “the Indivisible groups are getting overly dramatic.”

How dramatic should we be to get his attention?  If he were representing us, all of us, we wouldn’t need to demonstrate.  But, no he does not represent us. The $600 billion in tax breaks for the wealthy shows that his allegiance is with – the rich.

I find taking things away from the sick, the elderly, poor, the mentally ill, children in poverty, and women is morally and ethically depraved. It is wicked to take from those that have little and give to those that have much!

I will fight until we win. How about you?




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